Argentine Tango

An Experience of the Senses

The Secrets of the embrace

Making "the invisible" tangible

 Social Tango

To be able to dance everywhere...wherever life leads me!



Group Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or very advanced, you will find classes adapted to your level with interesting content for both leader and follower


Intensive Seminars

If you have a group of friends with similar interests and tango level and you want more specific work... all you need is an intensive weekend.


Private Lessons

For some, a personalised work is what most suits them. The advantages of a private class are clear. It enables us to take the step forward we desire so much.


Concepts, exercises and movements to improve your tango

Social tango, free spaces of the follower, dialog, musicality, embrace, comfort, space management, body awareness…

Making "the invisible" tangible

Anchorage, connexion, presence, energy management, sensation, quality of movement…

Coffee cups
Travel time


We met at a local milonga in Lyon in 2010 where we danced for more than one hour without stopping. Then we met again by chance in Buenos Aires where we continued to enjoy beautiful tandas.

Alexis: “The third time we met was at an international event in France. I had already decided to work with tango as a professional. When I saw Celine again and danced with her for hours, I knew that she was the partner I needed.

Celine: “I think it was evident to us both”

We have been working together since 2011 and from the beginning we knew that when dancing tango we were looking for:

  “A deep dialogue that enables us to move in harmony with the music in a comfortable embrace, subtle leading and shared sensations”

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